After some discussions with Greg and Jan I have started moving things around in svn a little bit to start shifting the build and general structure to a more maven typical layout.

Initially this will be comprised of making the directory names aligned to the artifactId's but other things will include shifting the patching process to use the maven-patch-plugin to support per module patching and things of that ilk.  Oh, and new parent pom locations for module container directories, core, plus, etc.

The general rule of thumb for artifact location in svn is:

core - the basic jetty server and its dependencies
plus - extensions to the core of jetty
jsp - artifacts related to jsp's on jetty
extra - integrations with other system, clients, other systems not specifically core to jetty

Right now this is sitting on the trunk but once we are basically happy with these changes we'll likely adjust the 6.1.x branch.

The coordinates of jetty modules are not likely to change in the immediate future, at least not until the next major release.


jesse mcconnell