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Jetrix 0.2.3 released

Jetrix 0.2.3 has been released, it fixes the following issues:

  • Fixed a bug in the mode 4 (25% pure) of the #custom channel that was causing a crash of the classic tnet 1.13 client

  • The address of the server is now published to instead of, and

Posted by Emmanuel Bourg 2008-08-26

Jetrix Monitor checked in

The code for Jetrix Monitor has been checked in Subversion this week. This is a new project to display a dynamic list of TetriNET servers on the web with detailed informations and activity graphs. It was inspired by the server listings found previously on and

The server listing can be viewed there:

The code is in the Subversion repository:

Posted by Emmanuel Bourg 2008-08-22

Jetrix 0.2.2 released

Jetrix 0.2.2 is now available, this is a bug fix release, here are the issues addressed:

  • Fixed a bug preventing clients from connecting on a server with a default charset different from ISO-8859-1

  • The configuration is no longer broken by a "&" char in the description of a channel

Posted by Emmanuel Bourg 2005-04-07

Jetrix 0.2.1 released

Jetrix 0.2.1 has been released, this version fixes several problems experienced by windows users and a minor regression in the query protocol handler. Here is the list of changes:

  • Fixed a bug preventing the configuration files from being saved if the server was installed in a path containing a space character (C:\Program Files\Jetrix TetriNET Server\ for example)

  • Running Jetrix with jetrix.exe no longer saturate the CPU... read more

Posted by Emmanuel Bourg 2005-02-22

Survival checked in

The survival mode has been checked in, give it a try! It should be available in the next nightly build. Join the #survival channel and drop as many blocks as you can before you die. Extra lines are removed if you clear more than two lines at once.

Posted by Emmanuel Bourg 2005-01-23

Jetrix 0.2 released!

I'm pleased to announce the release of Jetrix 0.2, Jetrix has reached a major milestone and can now be considered as a full replacement for tetrinetx. This new release includes many new features. On the player side there is now a sudden death mode, the ability to create channels, a new channel with custom settings, the support for idle channels and a better bpm counter. On the administrator side the web administration console is now mostly functional, changes in the configuration are saved to the disk, ghost connections are now automatically removed and the server IP is automatically published on the server lists at, and For developers, writing a /command is now easier and a new service API allows to run background tasks (like resetting the winlists at a fixed date).... read more

Posted by Emmanuel Bourg 2005-01-18

Nightly build available

A nightly build is now available in the download section. It's generated daily at 6am GMT+1. If you want to know what changed in the nightly build since the last release, you can get a look at the changelog in CVS:

Posted by Emmanuel Bourg 2005-01-07

Jetrix server list

Since our test server on is down and unlikely to come back in a near future, here is a list of servers currently running Jetrix if you want to give it a try:

They are all running Jetrix 0.1.3, it seems that no one dared to deploy a nightly build yet :) Fortunately the version 0.2 is almost ready!

Posted by Emmanuel Bourg 2005-01-06

TetriNET Server Survey

Since I just wrote a query client for the next version of Jetrix, I thought I could poll all the servers listed on and and see what versions are deployed. 63 servers were checked, the result has been agregated by server family:

Jetrix comes 3rd, not bad for a beta version ! :)

Posted by Emmanuel Bourg 2005-01-06

Project reports available

Thanks to Maven, various project reports are now available here :

These reports are generated automatically on a daily basis. Those interested in the latest changes made to Jetrix might want to have a look at the new commit log :

Posted by Emmanuel Bourg 2004-04-11

Test server online

A test server is now available thanks to TerraBox who provided the necessary resources. The latest stable build of Jetrix is currently deployed on the server, you are welcome to come and test the new features! The server IP is

Posted by Emmanuel Bourg 2003-09-07

Release 0.1.2 fixed

There was a packaging issue in the 0.1.2 release causing a ZipException on starting the server, fixed binaries have been uploaded today. Those starting the server using the "ant run" command with the source package weren't affected. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Posted by Emmanuel Bourg 2003-08-16

Jetrix 0.1.2 available

The new release of the Jetrix TetriNET Server is now available. The version 0.1.2 includes long awaited features such as the /move command, tspec support, the winlist, the banlist and the game stats, but also innovative features such as the web administration console. Jetrix 0.1.2 ran successfully a stability test during 24 hours on the LFJR tetrinet server.

What's new ?

  • new commands : /move, /goto, /petition, /tmsg, /speclist
  • basic tspec support, tspec client can connect, watch the games and use all commands, but they can't speak on the channels yet.
  • a multiplayer "7tetris" channel, try it out !
  • game stats are now displayed at the end of the game (ppm, specials, tetris...)
  • a web administration console available on the port 8080 (use operator/jetrixpass to authenticate). The console is read only for now.
  • pluggable winlist system, a default winlist implementation is provided, using the usual tetrinet scoring algorithm, but you can write your own backed by a database for example.
  • banlist support (hosts only)
  • query protocol support (however the bot at doesn't report the player list properly)
  • connection timeout enabled
  • italian translation contributed by Claudio Gargiulo
  • german translation contributed by Mario Meuser (thanks to the german tetrinet community for the precious feedback!)
Posted by Emmanuel Bourg 2003-08-05

JetriX 0.1.1 released!

The new release of Jetrix is now available, thanks to the players of the LFJR for tracking down the few remaining bugs :) This is the first "developper friendly" release with a classloading at startup similar to J2EE servers : any jar or class put in the lib directory will be loaded automatically, so deploying a new command or filter is just a matter of dropping your class file there. Regarding custom commands a tutorial is now available at, a tutorial on custom filters will follow soon.... read more

Posted by Emmanuel Bourg 2003-03-02

JetriX 0.1 released !

JetriX 0.1 released !

JetriX 0.1 is now available, this version accepts tetrifast clients simultaneously with tetrinet clients and is fully internationalized (english, french and dutch are supported, any contribution for other languages is welcome !)

What's new :
- added support for tetrifast clients
- new commands : /teleport, /summon, /ping and /ip
- level change is now working
- full internationalization support
- added french support
- added dutch support (contributed by Tim Van Wassenhove)
- made the colors & styles protocol independant

Posted by Emmanuel Bourg 2002-11-16