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JETeam's Wiki

We've installed on Sourceforge a Wiki. Indeed, we realized that not enough information were published on the website.

These information, mostly news & status, were not often updated because we are not enough to maintain both a good public information and the development itself.

We're so much enthousiast about this project that we have some much ideas and, as you know, this takes a lot of time.

So, to sum up, the purpose of our Wiki is to help developpers to bring more information about what's going on with JETeam. Moreover, we wish to offer a way to users/visitors to give us their ideas, comments, suggestions...... read more

Posted by Ludovic Deravet 2004-01-28

jeteam future release strategy

due to a lack of free time of the developer it has been decided to carefully weigh the work to be done and assign priorities to the tasks

concretely this boils down to this: the application will be incrementally improved, step by step each day; applying minor bugfixes and feature enhancements. Changes will be visible in CVS of course, and the online demo will seemlessly be updated to reflect these changes, however, we are not going to release a new version unless we feel there has been some dramatic improvement... read more

Posted by Wouter Zoons 2003-12-24

Jeteam 0.0.4 alpha released

A new release has been put online, it features a Java based installer and includes a JBoss distribution of version 3.2.2

This release is far from complete but has been made available to show the new codebase working. In this version the frontend has been generated using AndroMDA's bpm4Struts MDA cartridge

Please read the readme file inside the archive for more information.

Posted by Wouter Zoons 2003-12-17

Working hard

It has been a long time since there has been any update to this site and the online demo, nevertheless, we have been working hard to get a new release and we're almost there.

The new release will feature a Struts front-end mainly autogenerated by AndroMDA, more user-friendly pages, no more CRUD tasks (they were a developer feature to test the application), JBossQL and DynamicQL for complex queries, improved transaction confirguration, and many more things.... read more

Posted by Wouter Zoons 2003-11-17

jeteam 0.0.3 (alpha) online demo

The project just went live, please visit for more information and a link to the online demo.

It is the third alpha release that has been put online, we welcome any feedback. Please note this release is still in a very early alpha state. It will be updated often enough.

good luck...

Posted by Wouter Zoons 2003-06-02

jeteam 0.0.3 (alpha) released

This is the third alpha release.

Basic functionality should be available for 100% now. The pages still need to be improved (more intuitive instead of only CRUD pages)

Please read the included documentation if you want to install it yourself, this release will only run on JBoss 3.0.x. Other servers and version will be supported in the future.

We will have our application hosted online soon, this allows users to work with a live version without the need to download and install it.... read more

Posted by Wouter Zoons 2003-05-30

jeteam 0.0.2 (alpha) released

Now includes a Struts 1.1 front-end

I hope everything goes well with the download because I have received some messages saying there might be a problem with the Jeteam SourceForge repository

this release is still an early alpha and is there to give users already an idea of what is coming.

good luck

Posted by Wouter Zoons 2003-04-13

next release plans

the next release 0.0.2 will be uploaded and made available after the front-end has had a significant face-lift and I figured out what went wrong during the upload to SourceForge, I expect this to be happening during the next 2 weeks

after having seen most other SourceForge projects' first releases I think it is better to postpone it a bit
and give it some serious thought, the first impression is the one that sticks, right ? ;-)... read more

Posted by Wouter Zoons 2003-04-08

upload archives problems

it seems downloading the new releases does not work for some reason, I removed them and will put them back when I have time to figure out how to resolve this issue...

sorry for the inconvenience

Posted by Wouter Zoons 2003-04-07

new release: 0.0.2

Finally a new release, this one features some improvements on the business context extension (EJB back-end) as well as the first front-end release

please note that this is an early alpha release and is just a proof of concept, in the coming months we will be working hard to improve the user interface as well as extend the existing set of features (security is one of the features currently missing in the release)... read more

Posted by Wouter Zoons 2003-04-06

CVS inconsistency

Please take note that the current state of the CVS (more specifically the SWX component) is inconsistent, there are stale locks in a few directories,

The issue has been propagated to, I will let you know when it has been resolved.

In the meanwhile you might experience issues trying to deploy (build works) the application

Posted by Wouter Zoons 2003-04-06


We are working hard to release the front-end part of the project - using Struts with Tiles requires some preparation; it will still have no security implementation (roles/privileges) but you would be able to CRUD users, tasks, projects etc... and so populating the DB. Once this is ready we will work on making these pages look more professional, with images and some nice colors.

At the same time the security layer implementation will be finished and ready to be released. This will allow login/logout as well as checking for user privileges for each action. ... read more

Posted by Wouter Zoons 2003-03-31

First release in CVS

The first release is in the CVS, tagged 'release-0_0_1'
there is no security layer implemented yet, also the web part is still not there. It will be added soon.

You can deploy the BCX distribution jeteam-bcx.jar in your JBoss 3.x container

Posted by Wouter Zoons 2003-03-24