Jetbox One v2.0.6 Released

Notes: In this 2.0.6 release we focussed on core system features, future expandability and easy installation.

Major improvements:
Installation guide.
Pre-support for db tables prefixes.
Event hooks for custom behaviour.
Default value support when creating an item.
Wider client compatibility for 'pages' container.
Users can change their own preferences.
Much more clean front-end, self explaining template names.

Jetbox redesigns software to fit one professional layout. It contains Jetbox CMS v2.0.6 with workflow support and a role based user right system. The incorporated mailing list, site stats, search engine and document management system are developed by third parties and all have the same layout for fast implementation in a professional environment.
Check for upcoming releases.

Posted by Arjen 2004-02-03

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