Jetbox CMS v2.0.1 released

This is the second release in a starting series to provide quality open source software. Several profound projects will be redesign to fit this series. It contains Jetbox CMS v2.0.1, a full featured cms framework with workflow capabilities. In this release a search engine (phpdig) and a document management system are incorporated.

Major improvements:
The installation procedure is much simpler, although no automatic installation script is provided. Almost everything that should be configured is automatically detected.
The underlying directory structure is changed to provide a better basis for further incorporation of other packages.
Enable or disable the left navigation on the website for pages in the general tree structure
Session management is cleaned up and you can be logged in the website and CMS at the same time.

The main focus of the Jetbox project is to redesign several well known ( hosted) applications. We don't want to create totaly new software but only redesign then to match several key aspects; Gui, Authentication, User (rights) management and application flow. By cooperating they can use each others strengths. Upcoming redesigns (all projects) are to be announced. All software will be bases on LAMP.

If you have a software package with great potential, but don't have the skill or time for a good user interface please let u know. But before you do so, set up a demo for us.
Check for upcoming releases.

Posted by Arjen 2003-09-24

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