About postlister

  • Anonymous - 2004-02-02


    Why did you choose to include postlister?
    From what I saw it's an allready old programm and isn't being worked on for a long time...

    But what I actually wanted to know is:
    From the docs I saw that postlister has a form to subscribe to a mailing list. But is there also a form to unsubscribe?
    I recently have set up phplist and I'm very impressed by it's capabilities. It's used as a "anouncement" mailinglist only, but's as far as I've seen postlister has the same purpose.

    phplist has a lot of advanced features and probably fits better into the professional goal of Jetbox.

    Just my 2 cents of a 'must have' app for Jetbox ;-)



    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Any ideas how to intedrate phplist into jetbox? I have only had near-successes with this so far...



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