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  • Arjen

    Arjen - 2003-11-04

    Hi all,

    I'm looking for an online promoter. Are you interested, please let me know.


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      hi arjen,

      what would be the tasks for an online promotor ?

      are you thinking of ressellers and distributors in
      the future ?
      if you need help with german translations
      ( maybe a german mirror of your site )
      let me know.


      • Arjen

        Arjen - 2003-11-04

        Hi Micheal,

        You may fill in the task of online promoter the way you like, the main focus should be higher exposure of Jetbox One. As I'm most of the time busy with coding I don't have time to search the net for websites about php, open source and content management etc. Most of the time this will be a pure non technical job
        -- Please send me an email if you are interested in this.

        Definitely drop me a line about your ressellers and distributors ideas. We do have profesional licenses.

        For translations:

        As I've sent also to Danny ---

        We've been thinking of making Jetbox Cms multi
        lingual but we have not desided yet if its worth all the work in the context of the Jetbox One main targets.

        As you have probably seen, the cms works with containers. The standard provided containers are just simple one's to show the main features of the
        cms, in most cases these containers are not used in real life systems. All these containers contain texts for error messages and button names etc.
        The thing is, it would make the system to complicated to make these containers true multi lingual and its not worth the extra system
        complexity as a cms is used most of the time in one language area.

        Its easier to provide an extra set of translated containers, but than we have the problem of keeping these up-to-date.

        The main target of Jetbox One is to incorporate other high quality software and create a consistant GUI. Like we did with the web statistics (phpOpenTracker) and de search engine (phpdig). To maintains future compatibility with these systems we try to change as little as possible to
        the underlying code. If an incorporated system has no multi lingual support we are not going to create it ourself. This is one of the major drawbacks of the Jetbox One project. In the future we hope the developers of the origional system will help us maintain one version with a Jetbox GUI.

        Conclusion: We want a true multi lingual system but its in the current situation not the best solution for localisation. Maybe you can help us in
        other areas like scouting, promotion, pursuading other cool projects to join jetbox or system development.

        If you want to, and it's probably an easy task for you is to translate our website. Only the main page.

        Thanks again for all your feedback,

        • Aaron Mitti

          Aaron Mitti - 2004-01-05

          Hi Arjen:

          While this is off topic from the subject, you brought up a lot of issues in your last post and I thought I'd give some input.

          I think to give the external programs better ability to be updated they should be built as seperate entities for plugins to Jetbox. Also, this way only the programs used need to be installed. The hardest part about this kind of implementation would be creating a universal set to connective programs. I have several ideas about how this can be done if you'd be interested on working on this together.


          • Arjen

            Arjen - 2004-01-05

            Hi Aaron,

            I'm very interested. For your information: We aready have a sort of plug in system, the containers. The problem with incorporating software is the support you get from the createor of the software. If you have some ideas about this too, please let me know.


    • Anonymous - 2004-07-20

      Hello im posibley intrested in becoming a promoter, your product seems to be verey flexable, but at this time i have only instaled your system and can't find any information on how to get it working  " adding images templates working with and building pages and containers with anything but text.
      i own a hosting companey and a design firm in the us. would love to talk in more depth or learn more about your cms for both GMU and Pro.

    • Arjen

      Arjen - 2004-07-20

      Check out the online knowledge base, also read the help sections of the relevante containers, in Jetbox.

    • Anonymous - 2004-07-28

      I agree with ryanpratt. The Knowledge base, Faqs search and this pretty poor forum is not enough to understand this CMS powerful package. Its time for a decent demo portal, and a good support forum. From that point we can start promoting Jetbox and building a solid community. I got it running but I still have to many problems to actually use it as a real portal and to promote it.

    • garconcn

      garconcn - 2004-10-16

      Jetbox is great! Hope we can have a support forum to promote it.
      Thanks for your Jetbox, Arjen!

    • Mark Ireland

      Mark Ireland - 2004-10-18

      I have changed some Dutch English to English English in JetBox.

      I also replaced a lot of table tags with div tags in the templates. So there is a style selector called .news and the news block is wrapped in a div tag with class="news"

    • Filo

      Filo - 2004-11-28

      Hi all!

      as I mentioned above, it is possible for me (with some poor but enough PHP-knowledge) to translate JetBoxOne into German, no problem because I need it anyways in this language.

      What we are doing is to promote OpenSource and free Web-Tools for setting them up for our customers. We are a small company building websites for lower budges, but with lots of functionality for the end user. We're hosting alot of PHP-Nuke and Open-PHP-Nuke - sites and JetBox fills the gap for our End-Users (Nuke doesn't provide a Workflow for Sites or News like JetBoxOne has it, and the Rich-Text-Editor is simply great and easy for those not understanding HTML or else but need to have good-looking websites).

      So one of our intentions could be, promoting JetBoxOne as a great Web-Tool for private or commercial websites which we're hosting. Means: We would be able to give our costumers the chance to use JetBoxOne either in a combination to PHP-Nuke or standalone on our servers. If they don't want to host their project on our servers, they still will be able to get the infos about your project, how it works and what it's able to do for them.

      Would that be a promotion you'd like?

      Greetings from Germany,


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