Mikhail Ksenzov - 2006-03-06

Hello, I have sent you a letter but not sure if you have seen this (at least there were few cases when my spamfilter have hidden some of my incoming e-mails, though it was not a spam). So , I decided to write here as well.

I wanted to propose my hel for JET-Editor development. I am interested in the project and I am ready spend some time to develop it. Can I join you in working on the Jet-editor?

I also have some proposals about improving it, so if you will consider them reasonable I could implement them:

· "New Jet file" in File->New->Other with standard JET header creation, so the autobuild process will not cause an error that appears because of empty JET file.
· JET tags could be more visible f we will highlight them with some soft background color (pale green or pale yellow, for example).
· Auto-complete for .javajet files.
· Auto-complete for .xmljet if the DTD is known.