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Jericho HTML Parser 3.0-beta1 (Java 5) released

A Java 5 based beta version of Jericho HTML Parser is available for download:

The new version makes use of Java 5 features such as generics and enums, and is not binary compatible with older versions.

CHANGES REQUIRED TO ALL EXISTING PROGRAMS: (will not work without modification)

- Package name has changed from au.id.jericho.lib.html to net.htmlparser.jericho.

DEPRECATED API FEATURES: (still work without modification)

- All find* methods have been deprecated and replaced by equivalent get* methods.
- The Tag and Element classes no longer inherit the HTMLElementName interface.

Please report any bugs or issues relating to the new API so they can be resolved before the production release.

Posted by Martin Jericho 2008-06-30

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