removing inline CSS

  • David Matthews

    David Matthews - 2014-06-07

    I'm the maintainer of a webmail program (

    I'm likely going to switch to jericho from another html parsing library in the next version as it nicely solves the problem of rendering html email as plain text.

    I'm wondering if it would also solve the problem of displaying html email as such, ie you have an html document (the webmail program) displaying another html document (the email) with styling that messes up appearance.

    Any pointers to create an output document that retains html markup but removes styling?

  • Martin Jericho

    Martin Jericho - 2014-06-07

    I'm not actually sure what you're asking as it seems all you need to do is remove style elements and link elements referring to external style sheets.

    But instead of doing that why not just display it in an iframe so it retains all of the intended styling?

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