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  • six

    six - 2009-03-04

    Hi, I am trying to run a python script from java. This python script imports a library that allows me to script the running of a program without using the GUI, so my script runs the program, and returns the results. This runs fine if I run the script standalone, but if I try to call it from java I get a licensing error, the program is not seen to be licensed for some reason. Of course the program is fully licensed, using a hardware license. What is changing when I go from running the standalone script to running via java? 


    • Mike Johnson

      Mike Johnson - 2009-03-05

      Well, Java provides it's own versions of some C library functions but I'm not sure that's it. Most likely that script is hitting some kind of error and it's only error message for any condition is "not licensed."

      Another possibility on Windows is a mismatch between C runtime versions. Mixing versions leads to unpredictable results, and many times it's difficult to resolve since so many programs bundle their own.

    • six

      six - 2009-03-07

      Thanks for the reply.
      I am also getting this message along with the licensing error,

      jep.JepException: <type 'exceptions.AttributeError'>: 'NoneType' object has no a
      ttribute 'GetAnalysis'
              at Method)
              at jep.Jep.runScript(
              at jep.Jep.runScript(
              at JeppTest.main(

      does this shed any light on the problem?

      I am quite inexperienced with this so im not sure where to go with trying to fix this.

      Thanks for your time.


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