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Copied to GitHub

Due to the continued popularity of the open source project, I've decided to start up a GitHub repo where you can easily fork and work in a more modern environment.

I'm still deciding whether I should keep the sourceforge repo open or just redirect everyone to GitHub. What do you think?

Posted by Nathan Funk 2014-12-01

Jep.Net released

If you are programming in C# or any other .Net language, and looking for a math expression parser, have a look at Jep.Net.

Jep.Net is a porting of this Java project to the .Net framework, rewritten entirely in C#.

Posted by Nathan Funk 2009-08-04

New JEP - Java Math Expression Parser release - 2.4.1

A new version of JEP and the JEP Extensions has been released! This release patches some bugs in JEP 2.4.0 and Extensions 1.1.0.

JEP is a Java library for parsing and evaluating mathematical expressions. With this package you can allow your users to enter an arbitrary formula as a string, and instantly evaluate it. JEP supports user defined variables, constants, and functions. A number of common mathematical functions and constants are included.

Posted by Nathan Funk 2007-04-26

JEP 2.4.0 and JEP Extensions 1.1 released!

A new version of JEP and the JEP Extensions has been released! Updates to JEP include improved error handling, new built-in functions, observable variable creation together with some bug fixes.

Many significant features have been added to the JEP Extensions (formerly DJEP). These include expression simplification, fast evaluation and better support for vectors and matrices. Enjoy!

Posted by Nathan Funk 2006-06-15

JEP 2.3.1 released

This is mainly a bug fix of 2.3.0 including fixes for the sum() function bug, a bug in JEPTester and broken links in the documentation.

Download the new version at

Posted by Nathan Funk 2006-01-30

JEP 2.3.0 and DJEP 1.0.0 released!

JEP 2.3.0 is out! New features include:
- Assignment operator support
- Improved evaluation performance
- New functions (if, exp, str and more)
- Improved variable handling
- Built using Ant 1.6 and JavaCC 3.2

Together with this release, the DJEP package is introduced. Some of the many DJEP features include:

- Vector and Matrix support
- Expression differentiation
- Expression simplification
- Enhanced expression printing
- Exact arithmetic on groups
- Re-entrant parsing
- Parse tree manipulation tools ... read more

Posted by Nathan Funk 2004-10-04

JEP 2.3.0 Alpha Released

A new version of the Java Expression Parser (JEP) is on it's way. Check out the new features in the alpha release.

Posted by Nathan Funk 2004-02-04

New JEP release (2.24)

JEP 2.24 has been released, and the JEP project homepage has been moved to

Posted by Nathan Funk 2002-12-31

JEP 2.23 Released!

Check out the newest version of the Java Math Expression Parser at

Posted by Nathan Funk 2002-08-03

Version 2.21 Released!

New features include:
- Implicit multiplication (allows use of expressions such as "3x" instead of "3*x")
- Use of undeclared variables in expressions (you do not need to the names of variables before the user enters an expression)
- Optimized evaluation

Posted by Nathan Funk 2002-06-04

"Powered by JEP" Logo

A niffty new logo has been posted in the download section.

Posted by Nathan Funk 2002-04-18

JEP 2.12 Released

Posted by Nathan Funk 2002-02-01

Download JEP

For now you can download JEP from the project web site at

Posted by Nathan Funk 2001-07-26

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