#11 Automatically create project folder


If the agent is started with an invalid project name, it just outputs NullPointerExceptions and the software won't come up. Also, the error message doesn't really suggest the root cause at first sight.
It would be useful to check if the given directory is present before doing anything and automatically create it if not; maybe this could be enabled/disabled in the Jenson.properties. This way, at least the software comes up and manages to output some data; the user would still realize something is wrong because he can see the folder name isn't as he expected.

I came across this when trying to run instrumented software across several machines, after distributing Jensor to each. It's not really a big issue for me to include creating the project folder structure in that distribution, but I did get confused by it several times.


  • chetan phalak

    chetan phalak - 2013-03-08

    First thing is, if you have read the User Manual provided with Jensor 2.2. It is clearly mentioned there (in bold letters) in section 6.2.1 and more specifically at point 7(b), that the project name mentioned in the javaagent string needs to be created in JAW to be able to pull data from the server.
    Secondly, this change is doable. We will take a look at it, in upcoming version.
    Thank You.

  • chetan phalak

    chetan phalak - 2013-03-08
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  • daniu

    daniu - 2013-03-08

    I'm aware it's documented and that the mistake was on my side (which is why I posted this in Feature Requests and not Bugs ;)). It's really mainly a convenience thing which makes getting into Jensor easier.

    Another thing I forgot to mention: when I ran our software with the project directory missing, our system went out of memory. I'm pretty certain it's on Jensor's side and due to the missing folder (it ran fine once I corrected the setup).


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