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Update Release 2.2.1 Available!

This version refine the population evaluation when elitism is applied.

Posted by Luigi Troiano 2013-11-14

Release 2.2.0 [Stable] Now Available for Download.

A new release of Jenes 2 is now available for download.

What is new in this release


  • Initial reference to pupulations is made coherent with algorithm body by swtching the role of CurrentPupulation and NextPoulation.
  • Added the method Fitness.prepare(Population<C>) that can be overridded in order to implement a preparation task before each individual is evaluated.... read more
Posted by Luigi Troiano 2013-11-13

Jenes - Available Release 1.2.0 [Stable]

Jenes is a project aimed at provinding an optimized framework for experimenting genetic algorithms in Java, but still intuitive and easy to work with.

Release 1.2.0 is now publicly available for download at

This is the first of series of releases that will lead to Jenes 2.0

Stay tuned! :-)

The Development Team

Posted by Luigi Troiano 2009-02-16