First server test

  • Mark Hampton

    Mark Hampton - 2000-11-16

    What is the simplest test to see if is up ?  Should the following work:

    telnet hostname port

    Thanks for any pointers.

    • chromatic

      chromatic - 2000-11-16


      Normally I just point a web browser at Jellybean.  You can telnet in, but you'll have to speak HTTP commands at it:

      GET / HTTP/1.0

      (note you'll have to hit enter twice to get a response, and there's a space after the first slash but not the second).

      • Mark Hampton

        Mark Hampton - 2000-11-17

        When launching Jellybean I get the message:
        Badly placed ()'s
        Then the program stops.

        What could be causing this ?
        When I enabled debug in jellybean.cfg no more information was provided.  There are no log files (I can't find a reference to log files in the source)

        • Mark Hampton

          Mark Hampton - 2000-11-17

          Please ignore the previous message.  It was a problem with the installation of perl at my site.


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