Commit Date  
[r23520] by ezust

New PowerCenter Parameter File format (Patch # 524, Thiemo Kellner)

2014-04-25 20:53:35 Tree
[r23519] by kpouer
2014-04-24 12:51:13 Tree
[r23518] by kpouer

Do not show toolbar on plain views

2014-04-24 12:50:24 Tree
[r23517] by ezust

Got rid of old 'future plans' since we really want to focus on
completion plugin for enhancemnet rather than duplicate effort
in sidekick's completion API.

2014-04-24 04:20:44 Tree
[r23516] by ezust

OptionsDialog now remembers and restores the last selected pane
under more circumstances (See Project Option pane for example) (Alan Ezust)

2014-04-24 03:50:48 Tree
[r23515] by ezust


2014-04-21 17:29:47 Tree
[r23514] by ezust

tagging 2.2

2014-04-21 15:08:29 Tree
[r23513] by ezust

Getting ready to tag again...

2014-04-21 14:57:09 Tree
[r23512] by vanza

Enable javadoc build and fix javadoc error.

2014-04-21 02:15:31 Tree
[r23511] by ezust

refactored _openFile

2014-04-21 01:25:54 Tree
[r23510] by ezust

Removing 2.2 tag. ErrorList is not quite ready yet...

2014-04-21 01:06:22 Tree
[r23509] by ezust

Merge 23508

2014-04-20 23:36:39 Tree
[r23508] by ezust

Get rid of old code.

2014-04-20 23:33:37 Tree
[r23507] by ezust

tagging 2.2

2014-04-20 23:22:41 Tree
[r23506] by ezust

Docs, bump

2014-04-20 23:21:50 Tree
[r23505] by ezust

Fixing usage of FileOpenerService

2014-04-20 22:47:18 Tree
[r23504] by daleanson

Some cleanup.

2014-04-20 22:14:46 Tree
[r23503] by ezust

Remove unused import.

2014-04-20 18:38:36 Tree
[r23502] by daleanson

Code clean up, Identifier() to <INDENTIFIER>

2014-04-19 03:50:36 Tree
[r23501] by ezust

Removing class files.

2014-04-19 03:28:34 Tree
[r23500] by daleanson

Added tests for conversions. All tests pass.

2014-04-18 21:06:32 Tree
[r23499] by daleanson

Adjusted detection of 'if' statements. All tests pass at the moment.

2014-04-18 20:51:13 Tree
[r23498] by daleanson

Fixed issue with detection of assignment operators.

2014-04-18 20:47:14 Tree
[r23497] by daleanson

more adjustments, still an issue with parenthesized statements.

2014-04-18 20:41:39 Tree
[r23496] by kerik-sf

fix a bug resulting in only 1 tracker in table.html

2014-04-18 19:40:18 Tree
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