Commit Date  
[r23458] by daleanson

Fix imports.

2014-04-04 22:34:56 Tree
[r23457] by daleanson

Making sure I have backups of the clean javacc files, especially since the java 1.8 file is a work in progress.

2014-04-04 02:39:33 Tree
[r23456] by ezust

Documented how an edit mode is choosen by jEdit.

2014-04-02 21:11:16 Tree
[r23455] by infire

no comment

2014-04-01 07:39:16 Tree
[r23454] by infire

Update NetRexx translator to 3.03 dev build for Java 8 support. Compiled with Java 6.

2014-04-01 07:37:04 Tree
[r23453] by infire

Update NetRexx translator to 3.03 dev build for Java 8 support.

2014-04-01 02:33:57 Tree
[r23452] by daleanson

Adjusted layout to account for new text area layout manager changes in jEdit 5.2.

2014-03-31 22:27:20 Tree
[r23451] by daleanson

Applied patch #518, improved layout manager for text area.

2014-03-31 21:05:03 Tree
[r23450] by infire

Initial Plugin Central release.

2014-03-31 03:55:17 Tree
[r23449] by kerik-sf

apply patch #519 - Allow splash screen that is not always on top

Use a native splash screen when available, which doesn't stay
on top in my tests.

2014-03-30 19:14:26 Tree
[r23448] by infire

Remove project stuff from options, update netrexxc search for appdata, docs

2014-03-30 10:42:10 Tree
[r23447] by ezust

Tagging 1.0.7

2014-03-30 07:11:28 Tree
[r23446] by infire

Add guisample program, update readme

2014-03-30 06:10:31 Tree
[r23445] by infire

update build.xml to track jar copy.

2014-03-29 06:30:02 Tree
[r23444] by infire

update build.xml to remove some warnings.

2014-03-29 05:00:22 Tree
[r23443] by infire

Update Android IDE doc for 1.0.0 release.

2014-03-29 01:23:47 Tree
[r23442] by ezust

Documented some hidden features of hypersearch.

2014-03-29 00:19:10 Tree
[r23441] by infire

Update docs to version 1.0.0 for release to Plugin Central

2014-03-26 10:00:49 Tree
[r23440] by daleanson

A few fixes -- choose the right project on start up, changed to swingworker for the actual search so the search results show.

2014-03-26 02:38:15 Tree
[r23439] by ezust

2014-03-24 02:35:38 Tree
[r23438] by kerik-sf

tagging XMLPlugin 2.8.7

2014-03-19 20:24:09 Tree
[r23437] by kerik-sf

revbump 2.8.7

2014-03-19 20:22:17 Tree
[r23436] by kerik-sf

fix unused imports and missing serialVersionUID

2014-03-11 18:43:43 Tree
[r23435] by kerik-sf

pb #1775 - get rid of last error message.

2014-03-11 18:39:06 Tree
[r23434] by ezust


2014-03-11 16:25:08 Tree
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