#946 EditorConfig v0.6

Hong Xu

Source: https://github.com/editorconfig/editorconfig-jedit
After cloning the code, use git checkout v0.6 to checkout the version. Don't forget to run "git submodule update --init --recursive" to checkout the submodule!
Announcement: Migrate the EditorConfig library to a pure Java implementation. Fix #1782 in the Plugin Bugs ticket list.
Requires Java 1.6
Requires jEdit

Short Description: EditorConfig plugin for jEdit

Long Description: EditorConfig helps developers define and maintain consistent coding styles
between different editors and IDEs. The EditorConfig project consists of a file
format for defining coding styles and a collection of text editor plugins that
enable editors to read the file format and adhere to defined styles.
EditorConfig files are easily readibly and they work nicely with version
control systems.

This is the EditorConfig plugin of jEdit. For more information, please visit
< http://editorconfig.org >.


  • Townsfolk

    Townsfolk - 2014-06-23

    Hi Hong, The build process is complaining about a missing "clean" target on the sub-module. As defined in the root build.xml file:

    <target name="clean" depends="test-submodule" >
     <ant dir="${editorconfig.java.dir}"
            target="clean" inheritall="false" />
     <antcall target="jEditPlugin.clean" />

    The build.xml file inside the ${editorconfig.java.dir} does not have a "clean" target.

    I added a dummy one so I could continue with the build, which works, but probably isn't correct.

    When I did build the plugin and checked it out, I noticed that the documentation is missing the image at the top.

    Don't really feel right releasing it with the broken image. Could you try and fix that, and then add a proper "clean" target to the submodule's build.xml file.

    This will make it faster for me to release in the future.


    Last edit: Townsfolk 2014-06-23
  • Hong Xu

    Hong Xu - 2014-06-24

    Thanks for the feed back! I have fixed all the issues you pointed out, and bumped the version number to 0.6.1.

  • Alan Ezust

    Alan Ezust - 2014-11-20
    • status: closed-accepted --> open
  • Townsfolk

    Townsfolk - 2014-12-11

    Hong, looks like the sub-module build wasn't using the compiler.source and compiler.target properties, so the EditorConfigPlugin.jar was built with source and target being 1.6, but editorconfig.jar had a source and target of whatever Java version I have on my system. I just hardcoded the submodule's build.xml file to set the source and target attributes of the javac tag to 1.6.

    <javac srcdir="${src.dir}" destdir="${build.dir}/classes" 
  • Townsfolk

    Townsfolk - 2014-12-11
    • status: open --> closed-accepted

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