#1766 Sessions Save and Restore do not work as expected


When a user first installs Sessions plugin, then go to save their session for the first time, the plugin menu offers three choices, that would seem to have an obvious and consistent behavior: Save, Save As, and Restore. However, only Save As works as expected. Save does not prompt for a session name on the first save, it automatically saves into something called Default. This is not the way anything else in jEdit works. If you create a new buffer, type some text, and press save, you do not expect the text to be saved in something called default, you want to be asked where to save it. Sessions should work the same way.

Then, when you figure out how to work around this bug by using Save As, then create a completely unrelated session, use Save As to give it the name you want, all looks like it is going well. Until you want to switch sessions. The Restore doesn't ask which session to restore, it seems to just reload the current one. If that's the behavior, then this menu item should be called Reload. If I want to switch sessions, it appears I have to go into the Manage Sessions dialog (which I would expect to provide me options like delete, copy, rename, etc.) to reload the one I want. People will change sesions far more often than they will want to reload the current one. The Restore Session selection should pop up the list of saved sessions so I can pick one quickly.

When I do figure out how to navigate this morass of menu, and get my session "reloaded" it doesn't have the correct files open, doesn't display any file in most of the split panes, doesn't restore my dockable locations and visibility, doesn't restore the view name I had set before saving the session, doesn't understand how to deal with multiple views correctly, etc. In short, it either didn't really save what I would consider the session, or didn't restore it correctly.


  • Alan Ezust

    Alan Ezust - 2014-08-12

    Sessions has nothing to do with dockable positions. That is the responsibility of the "docking layout" in core.
    The multiple views issue has been fixed: https://sourceforge.net/p/jedit/plugin-bugs/1153/
    The "manage sessions" dialog gives you a list of all the sessions and an easy gui to switch to one.
    I am marking this as closed. If you still have an issue, please open something more specific.

  • Alan Ezust

    Alan Ezust - 2014-08-12
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