#19 Installer doesn't run on dir having ! as last char in name

for 4.3.x
Eric Le Lay

fix for bug #2065330

It works around an outstanding bug in java : exclamation marks are used to access a jar file's contents, while it is a legal character in most filesystems.
When loading any resource from a jar file, the implementation is confused if the path to the jar file itself contains any exclamation mark.

What it does is get the path to the jar file and check for exclamation marks, bailing if it finds one.

I tested it on windows and on the mac. It just worked.


  • Kazutoshi Satoda

    I confirmed the problem and the fix.

    Could you please take care about the following nitpicks?
    - Code duplication on the code to show error and exit.
    - I think it's better to show a link to the bug on bugs.sun.com, on
    the error message.
    - Shouldn't the new method isRunningFromExclam() be private?

  • Eric Le Lay

    Eric Le Lay - 2010-05-02

    done in r17723.
    I hope it's OK now :-)

  • Eric Le Lay

    Eric Le Lay - 2010-05-02
    • assigned_to: nobody --> k_satoda
  • Kazutoshi Satoda

    • status: open --> closed-accepted
  • Kazutoshi Satoda

    Reviewed and accepted in r17736.

    Thank you for quick fix for the nitpicks.


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