These are known issues that are fixed in the current 4.3pre18 release + latest buffertabs.
When 4.3.0 is released this week, we can replace the version that is available on ubuntu packages.
Sorry ubuntu users!!

On Mon, Dec 21, 2009 at 11:07 AM, Jim Byrnes <> wrote:
I recently loaded Unbuntu 9.10 on a machine and installed Jedit.  The
package that downloaded from the repository was 4.3 pre 16 using Java

When I first installed BuffeTabs using the plugin manager I would see 1
error in the status line when I opened Jedit.  Then when I tried to open
buffer tabs I got a window with 50+ lines of Bean shell errors, mostly
complaining about not being able to find packages I believe.

To try to get it working I used the plugin manager to remove Buffer Tabs
and then tried to download and install it again.  Now when try to
install it I get this message:

       cannot start java lang. No Class Def Found Error: gnu/
       Try updating to a newer version of the plugin

Now when I open Jedit there is no error in the status line. I'm sorry I
can't tell you what it said as I am so new to Linux I still don't
understand it's file layout.

I have Buffer Tabs running with no problem on OS/2 and Windows and would
really like to get it going on Ubuntu.

Thanks,  Jim

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