On Sat, Nov 29, 2008 at 4:36 PM, Kazutoshi Satoda <k_satoda@f2.dion.ne.jp> wrote:
Matthieu Casanova wrote:
At this time the core team can commit to the trunk, and anyone can send
patches on the trackers and those patches are reviewed by core developpers.

Who will be allowed to commit to the trunk ?

Don't worry. The new procedure won't change the rule on the trunk.
However, I want you to write more good log messages, and more care about
code readability, to reduce possible cost of review/merge process.

I meant "committers" as such wrote in guidelines/README.jEdit.

I don't know what you mean by "core team", "core developpers" if they
are different from the "committers".

by core team I mean the developpers that are allowed to commit on the core. The committers is not a very clear notion since any plugin developper can technically commit to jEdit's core itself if he don't want to respect the guidelines.
So to summarize, the same group of people will be allowed to commit to the trunk as before, then another developper of the same team will review the commit and merge it to the release branch.
And all other developpers will continue to submit patches on the tracker isn't it ?
In fact I'm not sure if it will work well or not because I'm not sure everybody will take time to review commits. But without testing it we will never know.
Do you think it is possible to try your release process, and after a while maybe change it if it doesn't work as expected ?