2006/11/23, Bjorn Wijers <mailings@bdisfunctional.net>:

Thanks for pointing this out. It seems to work when I type:

explo <C+B>

and it becomes


However it would be even better when I get something which also displays
the arguments for the particular function in a tooltip or something
similar while typing. This would be very handy with the inconsisted
order of parameters in the PHP core functions. Perhaps this is something
which can be accomplished with another plugin?

BTW I'm using jEdit 4.3pre8 on an Intel Mac with OS X 10.4.8 with java 1.5

ps: I presume C+B is the shortcut for word completion?

All the best,


hi, this is the shortcut for word completion of jEdit. But there is the plugin Sidekick that provide another action for completion. This plugin is an utility plugin for other plugins. And PHPParser uses this plugin to provide a smarter code completion, you just have to map a shortcut to this action. But it will still not give you the arguments of the methods, sorry.