I must be having email problems (or the list is)...
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Sent: 27 April 2001 08:23
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Subject: Console Question/Hints

Two items: one hint, one question...

For the jEdit console plugin to work, it seem that (on Windows NT/2000) you must use the 8.3 name for files on PATH and for the location of the java.exe command. Otherwise you get strange file not found errors when starting NT scripts.

Not the question. Anybody have any hints for the behavior I am seeing below. Executing build.bat script in the default directory does not work. But giving the same file with a full path does work.

> cd x:\avistoCMS
Working directory is now X:\avistoCMS
> pwd
> build.bat     ! This command does not work
I/O error: CreateProcess: build.bat error=2
> x:\avistoCMS\build.bat ! The same command works fine if full path is given
Buildfile: build.xml






Total time: 1 second
Process x:\avistoCMS\build.bat exited with code 0