First I didn't say I will implement it, but there are reasons to implement that.
jEdit is used for many things we don't imagine, some use jEdit for music using lilypond, to write books, it is not only coding.
And imagine you want to translate jEdit into hebrew or arabic, it would work perfectly with one exception : to edit the props file it would be impossible to use jEdit we would have to use another editor.
Or also if someone wants to create an arabic website, he cannot use jEdit for that, but php, jsp, html are some kind of programming languages isn't it ?

2012/3/5 Jarek Czekalski <>
I don't understand the reason to introduce RTL in jedit. It's a
programmer's editor and I doubt if RTL may be used in any computer
program. Aren't there better tools for creating documents in RTL
languages? Currently we have only 1 voice for RTL support and there is
no justification for that in that entry. Why do you want to introduce
RTL? In what environment and for what purpose would it be used, an
example please.

I see 2 reasons for not doint this:
1. Negative impact on current functionality: a slow down, code
complication, new bugs being introduced
2. Many bugs to fix in core plugins, which are more important to
programmers than this new feature


W dniu 2012-03-04 23:13, Paul Libbrecht pisze:
> Allow me to chim in, I fully agree the Unicode Bidi algorithm is
> fairly difficult to work with.
> I would suggest, if anyone has some cycle, to simply allow a complete
> buffer to draw RTL.
> In this case it is likely to be short to implement and useful for most
> RTL-writing edits.
> paul
> Le 4 mars 2012 à 20:41, Matthieu Casanova a écrit :
>> Hi,
>> just for information, I did some investigation on RTL text painting,
>> and it seems very complex to implement.
>> First jEdit is completely unable to paint any arabic or hebrew word
>> correctly because it paints the letters in the wrong order.
>> I found this wiki page, it's in french but there is an easy test to
>> understand :
>> It show the correct way to paint this arabic word إجتهاد
>> If someone copies that in jEdit he will get the same word but all
>> letters in the wrong order.
>> I did some fixes in my local trunk and I'm now able to paint this
>> kind of text, the problem is that
>> if you read from left to right, the letter on the left end is the
>> last letter.
>> So if you have the caret at the left of the word and press "del" it
>> is not the letter next to the caret that is removed but the letter at
>> the right end of the word
>> you get جتهاد
>> I also tried some editors that support Bidi, and it's very strange,
>> when being in a LTR portion pressing home will go to the left end of
>> the line, and if the caret is in the same line but in a RTL portion
>> home will go to the right end.
>> However my fix allow to display arabic or hebrew text but probably
>> only copying them is acceptable, editing them is a pain.
>> And it also works only for one word, if there is a sentence, all
>> letters are reversed, but also words, so it requires to change the
>> order of tokens to be able to paint them.
>> 2012/3/1 Kazutoshi Satoda <
>> <>>
>>     Matthieu Casanova wrote:
>>         there is a suggestion on uservoice to support right to left
>>         language
>>         support in jEdit.
>>         And since you started working a lot on chunks, glyphvectors
>>         and other
>>         things related with our textarea, did you had the intention
>>         to work on that
>>         too, or do you have any experience with right to left text
>>         painting ?
>>     I don't have such intention. I have no experience with right to left
>>     text painting, also editing.
>>     We need at least one expert with enough motivation to implement it.
>>     "Help Wanted" feature on <> may help?
>>     However, I will be able to support such a new developer to find
>>     where to
>>     change, if he/she can break the issue down into smaller and specific
>>     behavior.
>>     --
>>     k_satoda
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