The thing I did to get things working for me just now was to remove the ./5.0.0/keymaps/ files that I was not using, leaving only jEdit_keys  Then I sorted that, as well as my 'imported' keymaps and diff'd them.  Now my preferred keymaps are stored in ./cfg/keymaps/jEdit_keys.props and all seems to be well.  

There were likely some key-combos from the default that were in the way of my preferences but all seems sorted now.

I supposed I could do some `ack`-ing for things like 'C\+m' and all to see what's in the way of mine.  Perhaps when time allows I'll just re-visit and manually set via UI with a `duplicate` first.

Also, I copied the PHP mode from 4.5.0 and it seems to display properly that is:


Are all the same colour, seems the 5.0.0 PHP mode makes 


One colour and 



David Busby
Edoceo, Inc.

On Sun, Dec 2, 2012 at 2:21 PM, Alan Ezust <> wrote:
I recommend binding the shortcut using the Global Options - Shortcuts instead of manually editing your
keymap files.  If there is a conflicting mapping, it will get un-bound during that process, so if you happened to miss it while looking for the conflicts, jEdit can do that work for you.

in jEdit_keys.props
you will see


So the default might be that.

On Sun, Dec 2, 2012 at 2:15 PM, David Busby <> wrote:
There are no entries in the properties file, I just have this:
$ grep short properties
Global\ Options.last=shortcuts

In the UI for Global Options :: Shortcuts I have a few key-maps listed.
eMacs, jEdit, German, imported, IntelligJ, Mac OSX - "imported" is the one with my custom - but when I originally was creating my preferred keyboard shortcuts I just edited the "jEdit" one.

I can go in and edit the jEdit keymap again, an maybe delete these other keymaps and I see this new ./5.0.0/keymaps directory. Perhaps I can just update jEdit_keys.props with what I want?  Or if I copy ./5.0.0/keymaps/jEdit_keys.props to ./cfg/keymaps/jEdit_keys.props will my configs override the ones defined in the application directory?

For some back-story clarity, my jEdit is installed to ~/jedit which looks like this:

./4.5.0/ (prevous app dir)
./5.0.0/ (hooray jEdit 5!)
./cfg/ (the config dir)
./ (custom jedit launcher)

And my jEdit launcher does this (sets vars before, like)
exec \
    $java_bin \
    -Xmx512M \
    -jar ${jedit_jar} \
    -log=1 \
    -norestore \
    -noserver \
    -nostartupscripts \
    -reuseview \
    -settings="${jedit_cfg}" \
    "$@" \
    > ${jedit_log} \

David Busby
Edoceo, Inc.

On Thu, Nov 29, 2012 at 2:27 PM, Alan Ezust <> wrote:
Check your "properties" file. Are there some old .shortcut properties there that should have been removed during the upgrade process when it created the "imported" keymap?

On Thu, Nov 29, 2012 at 9:23 AM, David Busby <> wrote:
So, I've just upgraded my primary environment for using jEdit 5.0.0, updated my plugins too

I've lost one keyboard shortcut however.  CTRL+L used to jump to a line for me.

I have the definition in ./keymaps/imported_keys.props:

All the other keyboard shortcuts work as expected, just CTRL+L has stopped - ideas?  I don't see other shortcuts that conflict with it.