I don't see any attachment or any configuration items in this reply.
Did you set the correct path to the gdb executable in Plugin Options -> GdbPlugin -> General -> "Gdb executable:" ?
I suggest to run the value of this field in a shell (or command prompt on Windows) to verify that it's working.

About the help file, this is something strange that I've always had in jEdit, where some plugins cause help files of other plugins to be shown instead. You can open it from the GdbPlugin.jar file (users-guide.xml, although it is not convenient to read this way).

As far as I remember it runs '<gdb-executable> <program>' when launched. I don't think I've added support for debugging an existing process using the pid, but it's been long so I might have forgotten.


On Fri, May 25, 2012 at 12:51 PM, Gary_Gabriel <gabrielrobert.quest@googlemail.com> wrote:
Shlomy Reinstein wrote:
> Try this version of
> GdbPlugin: http://community.jedit.org/?q=node/view/5501
> It was probably never released (it's been very long since I worked on
> it), but according to my source code, it should not have the problem
> reported below.
> Shlomy
After installing the new version the Plugin Options -> GdbPlugin
Programs work.
- The plugin displays the help file for the XLST Plugin (instead of the
- but the GdbPlugin does not load gdb or the program in -> GdbPlugin
Programs. Windows Task Manager does not show the processes loaded.

I found no means to do it.

I may be missing something or not understanding the operation correctly.
So here is a short summary of what I am trying to do. I load a Tcl
script in the buffer using the Console Commando. Set a couple of
breakpoints and open a couple of windows.
- Irregardless of using the GdbPlugin Panel, Go! or Debug: no processes
are executed.
- Simply for reference the program configuration is below.

If I understand the process correctly: GdbPlugin will execute gdb and
the commands gdb {program} PID OR
attach PID.

Thanks for the prompt attention and I would appreciate any further
assistence as the gui is well suited.

- Gary

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