0 New plugins and 22 Updated plugins

Updated Releases:
{{{  BufferTabs 1.2.3
Announcement: Updated for jEdit 4.5
Automatically disables the built-in buffer Selector when plugin is loaded.
BufferTabs default location changed to top. Enabled by default.
Plugin Description: The BufferTabs plugin provides a tabbed pane in the jEdit view that allows you to change the current buffer.

{{{  Highlight 1.9.9
Announcement: -When highlighting current word, the word under the caret is not filled with color but has only a square around it to help readability
-Added an option to choose if highlight overview should use the same highlight color as the highlight or another color
-When highlight overview is active, the number of lines containing the word will be shown in the status bar
Plugin Description: Highlights words (or matched regexps) with different colors.

{{{  CtagsInterface 2.2
Announcement: Updated for jEdit 4.5. Bugfix release.
Plugin Description: CtagsInterface provides common ctags services to
interested plugins.

{{{  Updater 0.3
Announcement: Updated for jEdit 5.0
Plugin Description: Auto-update plugin

{{{  SideKick 1.3
Announcement: Bugfix release
Sidekick unable to clear checkbox tree/combo follows caret (#3445893 -
Integration with Markersets (#3392131 - shlomy).
Default Focus on Tree, not filter field. (#3405334 - ezust).
Fixed sidekick unload problem (Matthieu Casanova)
Fixed memory leak (Matthieu Casanova)
Allow Look and Feel changes at runtime.
Fix completion popup regarding macro recorder (3175336 - Eric Le Lay).
Plugin Description: The SideKick plugin provides a framework for high-level language-specific features, such as a structure tree, and code completion.

{{{  DirtyGutter 0.3
Announcement: BugFix release
Plugin Description: Marks changed lines (since last save) in gutter.

{{{  Navigator 2.4
Announcement: #2093226 - Manual Position Stack, and
Updates to current jEdit APIs.
Plugin Description: Tracks position changes, and provides "Back" and "Forward" actions similar to a web browser. Also provides a manual position stack with "Push" and "Pop" actions.

{{{  RhinoPlugin 1.7R3_1
Announcement: Added rhino.jar as plugin dependency so it is not forgotten when removing the plugin (#3504162)
Plugin Description: Rhino library packaged as a jedit plugin

{{{  Minimap 1.3
Announcement: Deactivated antialiasing in minimap as it is not useful but takes a lot of CPU cycles
Plugin Description: Show minimap for the text area.

{{{  SynchroScroll 1.1
Announcement: Bug fixes and new features:
- Added license.
- Don't fight with JDiff.
- Synchroscroll per view.
- Proportional scrolling (Jerzy Urban)
Plugin Description: Provides ability to synchronize scrolling when multiple text areas are open.

{{{  PHPParser 2.0.1
Announcement: -Fixed parser not accepting public, protected, private, final, static as field name in class access (#3485279)
-Fixed parsing error when a function do not have a body (#3485282)
-Better handling of function definitions using varargs
-Better handling of number argument type
-double and integer types can be accepted by methods requiring float
-Type.numbers renamed to Type.number
-Better match of function call hyperlinks
Plugin Description: PHPParserPlugin is a php parser that will highlight
your syntax errors and help you navigate in your source.

{{{  FoldViewer 1.1
Announcement: Fixed compatibility with jEdit 4.5
Plugin Description: FoldViewer is a very simple plugin that allows to show
collapsed folds in the popup window. To see content of
any collapsed fold, just navigate mouse to the [ lines]
section of this fold.

{{{  ProjectViewer 3.4.2
Announcement: User interface:
- Hid import filters from other version controls (#3493305) [Marcelo Vanzin]
- Added actions to the context menu: open project, close project,
open/close all project files, new file (FR #3468871).
[This one and the following for 3.4.2: Jarek Czekalski]
Bugs fixed:
- Search in parent directory hanged jedit, bug #3490604.
- An error message on double-clicking a directory, bug #3490543.
Api changes:
- New methods in PVActions: editCurrentProject, editProject,
createProject. One of them satisfies FR #3470084.
- New methods: projectviewer.importer.ImportUtils.setFilterId and
- Changed most bridgeheads to sections, to make navigation and looking
for content easier.
Plugin Description: The ProjectViewer plugin provides an interface for managing a "project", i.e. a related group of source files.

{{{  jEdit 4.5.1
Plugin Description: 

{{{  CommonControls 1.5
Announcement: New class in common.io: ProcessExecutor
Improved API Documentation
Deprecated some older classes
Plugin Description: The CommonControls plugin provides a common set of enhanced Swing components intended for use by other jEdit plugins.

{{{  GitPlugin 0.4
Announcement: Searches subprojects [Alan Ezust]
New actions: Open Modified Files, Commit,
Delete Branch, Checkout Branch, Delete Branch [Marcelo Vanzin]
Plugin Description: Offers a version control service for ProjectViewer and some actions as part of git integration.

{{{  TaskList 2.5
Announcement: - Fix for tracker 3464344, some tree highlighting and key handling issues.
- Better checking for binary files.
- Ability to parse whole files rather than just comments.
- Fix for tracker 3466508, refresh dockable on task type pattern change.
- Skip hidden files and directories to improve performance. Added option
to check hidden files.
- Fix for tracker 3469508, case-insentivie not honored for task types.
- Applied patch from Jarek for buffer loading, tracker 3474766.
Plugin Description: This plugin provides a dockable, tabular list of comments extracted from the text of a file being edited in jEdit.

{{{  JSLint 1.0
Announcement: * A command to run jslint on all open buffers was added
* An option for a list of objects to predefine before running jslint was added
* The dependency on JavascriptScriptEnginePlugin was replaced with a dependency on RhinoPlugin
Plugin Description: JSLint - The JavaScript Verifier - is a JavaScript
source checker and validator. This PlugIn actually runs jslint.js within
Rhino. It supports all major JSLint options and lets you decide to Run
JSLint 'on buffer save' and/or 'on buffer switch'.

{{{  Console 4.5
Announcement: [Alan Ezust]
Fixed layout issue in Errors Option Pane where the NOTE: was too wide.
Fixed bug in how Console.fgColor was set introduced in 4.4.4
#3479436: New option: Clear console before commando/build/run.
#2940948: Add variable ($l) for current TextArea's cursors's line number
#3481158: Add variable ($p) for current project root dir.
#3471524: Project option pane enhancements
#1542700: Console crashes Swing with hyperthreaded or dualcore systems
#1604327: Console javac commando problems.
#3479434: InterruptedException from BufferOutput.
[Damien Radtke]
#1894889 - windows commands now wrapped in parentheses to prevent space issues
Plugin Description: The Console plugin allows jEdit to execute arbitrary commands from an internal shell.

In addition, it provides buttons in a "commando toolbar" for your favorite command-line tools (make, ant, qmake, latex, etc), and an easy way to add others.

{{{  JythonInterpreter 1.0
Announcement: Updated for jEdit 4.4 and Jython 2.5.3b1
Plugin Description: The JythonInterpreter plugin embeds a Jython shell into jEdit. It adds support for macros and plugins written in Python/Jython, and a SideKick service for code browsing. Jython 2.5 is included.

{{{  JUnitPlugin 0.7
Announcement: This is a bugfix release. Now comes with junit 4.10 and includes hamcrest classes
Plugin Description: The JUnit plugin allows test cases to be run against Java code using the JUnit testing framework (http://www.junit.org).

{{{  ProjectViewer 3.4.4
Announcement: User interface:
- Disabled separate filter options from Auto Reimport pane. Filter from
Re-import is used instead. (#350453)
Bugs fixed:
- ProjectViewer ignores view titles. (#3325344)
- Context menu unavailable for multiple nodes, since 3.4.2. (#3519516)
Api changes:
- If "Remember open project files" is set and there was a project active
in last jedit session, project viewer is activated on startup to
open the files even if the dockable is not active. (#3475119)
- getViewer(view, FORCE) method allows for instantiating ProjectViewer
even if the dockable is not active.
Plugin Description: The ProjectViewer plugin provides an interface for managing a "project", i.e. a related group of source files.