I think it should be great to add a plugin for maven, I think the Java projects are migrating more and more from ant to maven.

Is there anyone working on it ?


2011/2/11 Jean-Marc Vanel <jeanmarc.vanel@gmail.com>
2011/2/11 Toni Menendez Lopez <tonimenen@gmail.com>
I am migrating one of my java projects from ant to maven...

Has any of you work with maven in Jedit ?
I have seen a plugin of maven for Jedit, but I think is for an old version of maven....

He have a jar for jEdit on our repository.
This does not, alas, mean that we have "Mavenized" jEdit, we have just uploaded the jar on our repo with
mvn deploy:deploy-file ...

It is jEdit 4.3.1 , with some modifications to use jEdit as a library in our GUI ( EulerGUI ).

To use it, add this in your POM :

         <repository>    <!-- for Parser4J, Grappa, org.eclipse.uml2, OWL API, jEdit -->

  <!-- TODO upgrade to 4.3.2 -->

Hope it helps .


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