The Javadoc plugin doesn't have a feature for creating javadocs, but they're simple enough from the command line, assuming the tool is installed on your path.

In the Console, CD to the root of your project. Assuming source files are in src/ and you want to store the resulting Javadoc api in doc/ (adjust values below if otherwise), you can create the doc with a command like this:

javadoc -d doc -sourcepath src -subpackages <name of root package>

More options are available, but this command is generally good enough for most purposes. If you would also like Javadoc creation to be a feature in the plugin, let me know how you would like to see it implemented, and I will look into adding it.

Hope this helps. =)

On Mon, Feb 14, 2011 at 3:25 PM, Toni Menendez Lopez <> wrote:
Great Damien,

I have installed Javadoc and works fine.

Do you know any plugin for creating the Javadoc for my source codes from my comments in my code ?


2011/2/12 Damien Radtke <>

Ah, I think you're referring to a different plugin than I am. The JDocPlugin hasn't been updated since 2003; I'm referring to the one titled simply "Javadoc." Try installing Javadoc, and if you find that it's missing some functionality you'd like to have, let me know.

On Fri, Feb 11, 2011 at 4:30 AM, Toni Menendez Lopez <> wrote:

Look is send you screen-shot and activiti.log


2011/2/11 Damien Radtke <>

I don't think I've run into any problems, but I haven't tested thoroughly with each jEdit version. Are there any errors listed in the activity log? (utilities -> troubleshooting -> activity log)

2011/2/9 Toni Menendez Lopez <>
Hello everybody,

After upgrade of Jedit to new release,

.version 4.4pre1

The current development version is 4.4pre1. You can find a list of
changes since 4.3 at

The current stable version is 4.3.2. You can find a list of major
changes since 4.2 at

Javadoc it is not working. Any of you have same behavour ?

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