I tried to send this reply to the list last weekend but it got bounced due to size (?)

I dug into this a bit. (I originally wrote that javadoc macro)
I just upgraded to 4.4pre1 and noticed this too.

I the waitForConsole(view) command used in macros is never returning and hangs jEdit.
Were the macros you tried using this?

I checked the "preview javadoc of current buffer" macro and comment out  the call to waitForConsole(view)
and put in a
Macros.message(view, "Please wait for command to complete.");

since that is not modal, it worked... the javadoc command completes an the macro finishes and does not hang jEdit.

I tried it on some other macros I have that run commands in the system shell with
runInSystemShell(view, command);
and then use

they all seem to hang jEdit.

I tested on  XP sp3 sun java 1.6.0_12
I will try it on My Linux box tonight.


On Wed, Mar 9, 2011 at 3:11 AM, Edmund Spatzenegger <edmund.spatzenegger@online.de> wrote:
I tried a few of the other macros which seem to work well so far.
But one of my own plus the Java Macro "preview javadoc of current
buffer" result in a hang of jedit.


On 04.03.2011 09:51, Matthieu Casanova wrote:
> Hi, does it happens with every macro or only one of them ?
> 2011/3/3 Edmund Spatzenegger<edmund.spatzenegger@online.de>:
>> Hi all,
>> I tried out 4.4 but ran into a serious Problem:
>> Each time I try to run a Mocro jedit hangs (no more response) and has to
>> be killed.
>> I've tried a self written Macro and the Java Macro "preview javadoc of
>> current buffer"
>> Platform is WinXP Sp3. java version "1.6.0_23".
>> So I went back to 4.3.2
>> Any ideas?
>> Thanks
>> Edmund
>> On 03.02.2011 02:41, Vampire wrote:
>>> Hi all,
>>> I proudly present 4.4pre1, the first official preview build of the
>>> upcoming 4.4 series of jEdit.
>>> I want to appologize again for the confusion that arised when the faulty
>>> 4.4 release was created and then taken back down. To avoid confusion
>>> about what version someone is using, the 4.4 release will be skipped
>>> completely and the first official stable release of this series will be
>>> the first patch release 4.4.1.
>>> You are welcome to use and test the new pre-release, but please keep in
>>> mind that it is in beta quality and may contain some bugs.
>>> Have fun with the new release.

Tom Gutwin