after years of having used Xemacs i wanted to switch to jEdit as it offers more or less the same functionaliy but a more convenient user interface. Of course i wanted to take advantage of all the (X)emacs shortcuts memorized over the years, so i installed the necessary packages. This worked all right more or less. at least the shortcuts appear in the correspondig menu's end do even work when typed, but there's just one big problem:
The Ctrl-keys and the Apple (=meta) -keys are interchanged on Mac Os X - this is rather annoying as i use the very seem key-sequence when typing shell-commands, so i always have to remember in which type of window i am working right now.

Of course i could remap everything - but this would be a rather dirty solution, and the confusion would never end there ;-))

plese help if you have solved this problem, as i am rather eager to get into this rather nice (and astonishing good-looking, compared to xemacs) piece of software ;-)

Yours sincerely


Christoph Folberth