Wow, that sounds like a great feature. I have done things like that manually by exporting my search results to a buffer and searching on that buffer, but this would be much better.

On Mon, Sep 29, 2008 at 2:04 PM, Shlomy Reinstein <> wrote:

I'd like to add a capability to the hypersearch results dockable, to
filter out results based on various criteria, such as path globs or
substrings of the results. Of course, these filters would preferably
be part of the search itself, and not the search results, but often I
run some project-wide search without thinking of these things, and
later I see many irrelevant results and would like to filter them out
rather than run a new search with these filters.
One option to implement this is to have some "filter" dropdown in the
hypersearch results dockable, which would allow using one of several
saved filters, or alternatively open a dialog to create a new filter.
Another option, less intuitive but most powerful, is to have the
ability to send the hypersearch results in some specific format to a
new buffer, and also be able to read it back from the buffer into the
hypersearch results, so that one can "export" the results to a buffer,
make any changes one likes (like remove irrelevant results) in the
buffer, and then "import" the results back to the hypersearch results
Any recommendations?


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