You cannot host the dump-tarballs on the SF-shell Alan. Every project has a soft limit of 100 MB, currently we have 229 MB, so it will not last long until SF Staff will send us (project admins) a mail about that topic. Without the dump-tarballs we currently have 70 MB. So please remove the tarballs if you still have them on your box, or maybe save them before doing that.

Alan Ezust wrote:
I have a tarball on the jedit website of the cvs repository before I
did the migration of the jedit tree.

But as vampire0 says, the history is not lost during the conversion.

On 8/17/06, Vampire <> wrote:
Alan Ezust should still have a CVS backup, but the history is not lost.
It is ported with the files from CVS to SVN. So the full history of all
files since they were added to SourceForge CVS is still available under SVN.

Filip Van Rysselberghe wrote:

Hi guys and girls,

For my phd I study the changes which are applied on projects during their lifetime by studying (of
course by means of automatic reconstruction techniques) the versioning systems of these projects.
One of the projects I used for evaluating my techniques was jEdit.
However, I recently noticed that the entire jEdit cvs module was removed and ported to SVN.
Unfortunately this transition is associated with a loss of versioning information, e.g. the history of files
which are removed from CVS is lost.

Hence I wonder whether it is possible to obtain a copy of the original CVS-repository so I can create a
local and private mirror of the "historic" CVS history.

Filip Van Rysselberghe


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