Thanks Dale and Vampire for your help.


The freeze looks like a bug in recent JREs:


I reverted from JRE 1.6.0_26 to 1.6.0_24 and that fixed the problem.


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From: Vampire []
Sent: 24 August 2011 02:22
To: Dale Anson
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Subject: Re: [ jEdit-users ] jEdit freezing on Win 7 shutdown


Or right-click into the field.

That up/down arrows recalled history is long ago.
I think since the input fields are multiline it is the page keys to have arrow keys for navigation in one entry.


Dale Anson schrieb:

I can't help you with the Windows situation, but in the search and
replace, use Page Up and Page Down to access the history.
2011/8/23 David Aldrich <>:
I am running jEdit 4.4.1  on Windows 7 64-bit with Java 6.0.260.
If I attempt to shutdown Windows while jEdit  is running, jEdit  fails to
close and becomes unresponsive.  I have to kill jEdit with Task Manager. The
same behaviour happens with SmartSVN, which also uses Java.
I believe that I am running 32-bit Java.
I have also noticed that I cannot retrieve history in the search/replace
dialog box. The up and down arrow keys do not recall previous entries.
Do you have any idea how I can fix these problems please?
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