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> > As I said, that's pretty subtle. Most projects get a least a little
> > proud about new major releases. Given the extraordinarily long wait for
> > 4.3, you'd think there's be a veritable tickertape parade of an
> > announcement.

Right, I had similiar thoughts. But, 'Modesty is the only sure bait
when you angle for praise.' ;-)

I feel the same way. As Shlomy mentioned I'm working on a more modernized version of the jedit.org website. It should be ready in a few months after I finish with a side job I took on recently.

I'm still working out some details, but here is one wip with the new layout and colors.

Note that it's not a working work-in-progress, as most of the links don't go anywhere at the moment.

I was going to wait until I had more time to work on it before I said anything, but comments, thoughts, opinions, all welcomed.


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