Hi jedit'ers,

I am not sure if this is available in the current state of the web site, but I would like to see interest groups in the jedit community site. For example a forum or sth similar where people with special interests can discuss. I consider Java, C++, Python, ColdFusion etc as interest groups.

For example users of C/C++ can discuss issues, share macros, grow ideas and so on in a specific group. One can also search the previous discussions if he/she is new to jedit. I would be very happy to discuss my changes to jedit to make it a C++ friendly IDE on linux.

The eclipse project has a project/interest group and I believe it is a nice way of getting the most of the jedit.

Just my 2 euro-cents.


Kevin Hamilton wrote:
On Fri, Aug 01, 2003 at 02:32:29PM -0400, Joshua Miller wrote:
Here's an idea for a new community site:


Rick Reumann wrote:
If anyone is interested I posted a while back some suggestions I
would be helpful concerning the user interface of the community site.

I think the layout and color-scheme that Joshua put together is much
nicer-looking and easier to understand, however I noticed that he only
took the existing design and reconfigured it.  I think Rick is right
that the community site could use much more than just a facelift.  

While the latest news is nice to have on the frontpage, I don't see it
as the focus of the community site.  There should be more focus on
helping people use jEdit.  To that end, the FAQ probably should be
overhauled, Macros should be featured and well-organized, explanations
and guides to plugins should be featured, and weblinks to other jEdit
resources should be featured and well-organized.  Feature articles would
be a great addition as well.  Stuff like Slava's "Quick Start Guide"
(http://www.jedit.org/index.php?page=quickstart)  or Joshua's "Emulating
ColdFusion Studio/HomeSite with jEdit"
(http://www.joshuasmiller.com/jedit/) are examples of what I mean by
"Feature articles".

(An example "community" site that I always thought was done pretty well
is: Mozilla Firebird Help -http://texturizer.net/firebird/ )

Pete Prodoehl wrote:
When the time comes to implement the actual site, I'd 
like to see it done using valid HTML, avoiding the use of tables for 
layout purposes, and using text for navigation rather than images.

Avoid using tables for layout purposes?  I'm not familiar with this
concept, how do you do that?

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