I used the Lucene plugin for some now time without problems, it is very useful since it really speeds up search queries over large projects. Unfortunately (I reckon this was due to an update to version 4.0 but cannot tell for sure), the plugin now refuses to create indices on projects.

Whenever I try to create an index, I see a proper entry in the “indexes.cfg” file, a index-subdirectory with the name of the project is created, but it remains empty. From what I remember, the (first) index creation used to take some amount of time, but now the action finishes immediately, but also without obvious results :-/ I tried this with various projects, but to no avail.


In the activity.log, I see IndexImpl: close(), but not much else I could attribute to Lucene doing something useful…


Any ideas/hints? What could I be missing in the activity.log that indicates something going wrong?


Thanx in advance!



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