#11 Not opening files from explorer



On my work machine (Win 2000 SP3), jEdit 4.1 won't
open files from Explorer, whether by the 'Open with jEdit'
option or by the main 'Open with' submenu. Whenever I
try to open a file, jEdit starts up but doesn't open the
file. It's just as if I'd started jEdit from its icon.

If I start jEdit (by any means) I can use the File->Open
menu option to open files without a problem.

The problem doesn't seem to the use of network drives,
or having spaces in the path: I've tried it with
D:\test.txt and the problem still occurs.

I believe that 4.0 had the same problem on this PC. My
Windows XP machine at home runs 4.0 without this bug.

JRE is build 1.4.2-b28. It used to happen with 1.3.? as
well, I think.



  • Rob Alexander

    Rob Alexander - 2003-07-29

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    If I look in jelaunch.log:

    C:\Program Files\Java\j2re1.4.2\bin\javaw.exe -mx32m -
    jar "C:\Program Files\jEdit 4.1\jedit.jar"

    I.e. the launcher never passes the name of the text file to

    I've built myself a workaround using a batch file:

    "C:\Program Files\Java\j2re1.4.2\bin\javaw.exe" -mx32m -
    jar "C:\Program Files\jEdit 4.1\jedit.jar" "%1"

    This works, it opens files from the explorer. But I don't know
    how to make the "Open with Jedit" buttons call this, if indeed
    it is possible. (I have to use Open With -> jedit instead, not a
    problem really).

    Also, it leaves a console window open until JEdit exits, which
    is ugly. Possibly there is a way to close the console window
    while keeping JEdit running.


  • Shawn David Pringle

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    When I try it as my normal account. It doesn't work either.
    However, I can open files this way when I am running things
    as the Administrator. Something in the jLauncher is using
    something it shouldn't. Perhaps that is the reason the
    server file is not opened.... hmm...

    jEditLauncher logging finished by module Wed., Aug. 6, 2003
    at 11:29:06PM
    jEditLauncher logging starting by module Wed., Aug. 6, 2003
    at 11:34:23PM
    2003-08-06 23:34:24.87 Debug : [launcher] default code
    page is 1252
    2003-08-06 23:34:24.87 Debug : [launcher] searching for
    server file
    2003-08-06 23:34:24.87 Debug : [launcher] Server file not
    2003-08-06 23:34:24.90 Debug : [launcher] System error
    message: The system cannot find the path specified.
    2003-08-06 23:34:24.90 Debug : [launcher] Could not find
    server file.
    2003-08-06 23:34:24.93 Debug : [launcher] Command line:
    2003-08-06 23:34:24.93 Debug : [launcher] Working directory:
    2003-08-06 23:34:24.98 Error : [launcher] Error calling
    CreateProcess() in launch routine. Error code: 2 - The
    system cannot find the file specified.

    jEditLauncher logging finished by module Wed., Aug. 6, 2003
    at 11:34:29PM

  • Shawn David Pringle

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    So I noticed as well that there is no server file name in
    the log. But when I run it as Administrator low and behold
    it works and there is a server file name in the log:
    C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\.jedit\server ...
    So something about not being Administrator is keeping the
    file name from being loaded properly.

    The log is written to by a member of the ServerConnection
    class. The value of the 'server file' is only written to
    when it is constructed and is passed in from a
    RegistryParser in the GetServerFilePath() method. That
    value is determined in this class and this is where we
    should look.

    In the RegistryParser the 'server file' is determined the
    registry. And everything is done in the constructor here.
    After that its only a container class of strings.

    If LoadString failed, then RegOpenKeyEx would succeed but do
    the wrong thing and then InitCmdLine and InitWorkingDir will
    fail with out any logging until it logs that it can't open
    server file. I can put a few logging lines in to find the
    problem. What compiler can I download for this?

  • Rob Alexander

    Rob Alexander - 2003-08-19

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    >I can put a few logging lines in to find the
    >problem. What compiler can I download for this?

    The launcher appears to have workspace and project files for
    Visual C++ 6. I only have VC 7 here, which won't open them
    (7 offers to convert them to the new format, but fails with an
    error along the lines of 'project file is corrupt').

    I have VC 7.1 at home, will try that when I get a chance.


  • Martin Jericho

    Martin Jericho - 2003-11-14

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    This may be the same problem as "[ 632346 ] problem with
    windows install"
    Have you moved your desktop location?

  • Rob Alexander

    Rob Alexander - 2003-11-14

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    I'm haven't used Jedit for a while now, indeed I don't
    really use Windows much right now, but I tried this on a
    colleague's machine and his desktop _is_ in the place that
    Jedit is looking for it. There is, however, no .jedit
    directory there.


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