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1. General
jEdit requires a Java VM and Sun's Java Foundation Classes. A Java VM for
Solaris, Windows 95/NT and the MacOS can be found at <http://java.sun.com>.
A Linux version is available at <http://java.blackdown.org>. JFC can be
downloaded from <http://java.sun.com>.

2. Unix & Clones
Use the supplied Makefile. If you want to recompile the source, type `make' at
a shell prompt in the jEdit directory. Then log in as root and `make install'.

By default, everything will be installed under /opt/slava. If you want to
install jEdit elsewhere, edit the Make.rules file.

Once it's installed, you'll have to add /opt/slava/bin to your PATH. On bourne
compatible shells (sh, jsh, ash, bash, zsh) the command to do this is
	PATH=$PATH:/opt/slava/bin;export PATH
Or on C shells (csh, tcsh)
	setenv PATH $PATH:/opt/slava/bin
You might want to add this command to your .profile (bourne shell) or
.csh.login (C shell) if you don't want to type this every time you log in.

Finally, type `jedit' to start jEdit or `jopen' to open files in a running
instance of jEdit.

3. Windows 95/NT
Use the makeit.bat batch file to compile it if necessary and
 the installit.bat
batch file to install it. By default, everything will be
 installed under
C:\Program Files\jEdit. If you don't like this, edit the top
 level installit.bat

Once it's installed, run C:\Program Files\jEdit\jedit.bat to start jEdit or
C:\Program Files\jEdit\jopen.bat to open files in a running instance of jEdit.

4. MacOS
No idea whatsoever... sorry, I don't have access to a modern Mac. Try
all the Java files and running the jEdit class as a stand alone

-- Slava Pestov

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