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+Package: jedit
+Version: 4:@jedit.build.number@
+Architecture: all
+Maintainer: Contributors <jedit-devel@lists.sourceforge.net>
+Installed-Size: @deb.installed.size@
+Recommends: sun-java6-jre
+Suggests: exuberant-ctags, cscope, global, ant, sun-java6-jdk
+Conflicts: jedit-cvs
+Replaces: jedit-cvs
+Filename: @deb.repository.file@
+Size: @deb.size@
+MD5sum: @deb.md5@
+SHA1: @deb.sha1@
+SHA256: @deb.sha256@
+Section: contrib/editors
+Priority: optional
+Homepage: http://www.jedit.org/
+Description: A plugin-based editor for programmers.
+ As one of the most feature rich editors available, jEdit boasts support for
+ syntax highlighting in more than 140 languages. jEdit combines the power of
+ Emacs, the user-friendliness of Kate, and the advanced editing features
+ (such as vertical paste) of Ultraedit, to bring you an open-source
+ plugin-based programmer's editor of professional quality.
+ .
+ It is possible to define complex macros in BeanShell or Jython, or other
+ languages that fit into the BSF. jEdit offers a powerful and user-friendly
+ keyboard mapping system (including 2-keystroke shortcuts), making it
+ possible to give jEdit a very Emacs-like feel, if you so desire.
+ .
+ Its functionality is easily extended by the use of 'plugins' which can be
+ downloaded, updated, and installed, all without exiting the editor. These
+ include a built-in Console shell integration, which lets you execute
+ interactive external commands inside your editor, as well as bind them to
+ keyboard shortcuts. The FTP plugin lets you browse and edit files on remote systems
+ over FTP or SFTP. Other plugins provide shells, object oriented structure/code
+ browsers, or completion popups for Java, XML, HTML, Ant, LaTeX, Python, Ruby,
+ Perl, C, C++, bash, Scheme, Prolog, and many other languages.