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import org.gjt.sp.jedit.io.EncodingServer;

/** Generates editModeList.html page for jedit.org website listing the encodings supported by jEdit. */

modeList = jEdit.getModes();
sbuffer = new StringBuffer();
htmlBuffer = jEdit.openFile(editPane, "editModeList.html");

sbuffer.append("<html><head><title> Supported jEdit Edit Modes </title></head>\n");
sbuffer.append("<!--    :elasticTabstops=true: -->\n");
sbuffer.append("<body>\n<h3> Supported Languages/File Types in jEdit" + jEdit.getVersion() + ": " + modeList.length + "</h3>\n ");
for (int i=0; i<modeList.length; ++i) {
    mode = modeList[i];
    sbuffer.append("\t<td>" + mode.toString() + "</td>");
    if ((i+1)%6==0) sbuffer.append("  </tr><tr>\n");
sbuffer.append("</tr></tbody></table>\n <p>");
sbuffer.append(" Generated from macro <tt>" + scriptPath + "</tt> </p>");


htmlBuffer.insert(0, sbuffer.toString());

// set elastic tabstops (causes bug# 3614248)
htmlBuffer.setBooleanProperty("elasticTabstops", true);

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