#352 Configurations file in Dropbox?


Can I specify the configuration files location?

Ideally I want to be able to have my Windows jEdit point to C:\Dropbox\jedit\config.txt and my OSX jEdit point to /Dropbox/jedit/config.txt etc.

That way if I make a change to my user settings on OSX, then when I go back to Windows it will be there too.

I can see some issues with this... i.e. that not all options are cross platform I presume. This gets complicated.

I coudn't quite work out a way to have all the standard settings I want to get propagated on all versions of jEdit on all my different platforms... any ideas? I did see 'portable jEdit' but it doesn't look like it's maintained any more.

Thanks :)


  • Björn Kautler

    Björn Kautler - 2010-04-24

    I think from jEdit core point of view you should be able to do this easily with the --settings= command line switch (try "jedit -usage"). Most of the core properties should all be cross-platform safe if I'm not completely wrong. You just may be in trouble for properties where you give an absolute path, or with some plugins like QuickNotepad which also saves its file in use as absolute path.

  • Robert Schwenn

    Robert Schwenn - 2010-04-24

    Another approach was to move important settings to jEdit's program directory:

    1. All settings of Global Option pane and most in Plugin Option pane are saved to the "properties" file. Important properties that should apply to all users of one jEdit installation can be separated (manually) to anyname.props files and placed into the JEDIT_HOME\properties directory.
    For example, I have a shortcuts.props file where all my non-standard shortcuts are assigned. I can delete my user settings directory, and at next jedit start all my shortcuts are working...

    2. There are some plugin configuration items, that can't be made centralized, i.e. Console Commando files and Session files. Also ProjectViewer seems to maintain some only user related settings...

  • Alan Ezust

    Alan Ezust - 2012-01-20

    file paths are saved differently to settings between windows and non-windows so any property with a path will be invalid when you switch between those two OSs. Unless we totally change the way we store/retrieve path names to/from settings on Windows, switching will always cause problems.

    You just need to keep separate your windows and non-windows settings.
    In fact, other (non-path) settings on Mac OSX may not be appropriate on windows, especially keyboard shortcuts, font/look and feel settings, etc... The modifier keys might be differently mapped/used.
    Fortunately, keymaps (new feature in jEdit 5.0) will alleviate that situation.

    So in answer to your question, sure, you can store your configuration in dropbox, just keep a separate directory for common windows and non-windows settings.

  • Alan Ezust

    Alan Ezust - 2012-01-20
    • status: open --> closed-works-for-me

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