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T. Kelter

It would be nice if the next version of jEdit would support the possibility of making multiple utility windows, that are docked at the same location, visible at the same time.

What I am talking of is f.e. the possibility to have the file browser visible (docked at the left) and at the same time have the Sidekick plugin visible that is also docked at the left. In the current version you can only make one of the windows that are docked at the left/right/top/bottom visible, the others that are docked at the same point get hidden automatically.

This would mimic what is done in most of the current IDEs, where (in most cases) a file system view and a property dialog are visible in a single column at f.e. the left side of the screen. The same can be useful for sharing the "bottom" docking point between f.e. a console and an irc plugin window or quicknotepad window.

This new functionality could be implemented by adding each clicked-on utility window that the user wants to make visible to the list of currently visible utility windows at the same docking point. These concurrently visible utility windows should then be separated by JSplitPanes.

This new behaviour would save screen space and would enable working with two less space-consuming utility windows (like f.e. the ones mentioned above) and two source files in parallel.


  • Anonymous - 2009-03-13

    Which jEdit version are you using? Version 4.3pre16 introduces a pluggable docking framework - that can be provided by plugins. Currently, there is only one such plugin, which you can install from the Plugin Manager dialog - MyDoggyPlugin. Once you install it, open the Global Options dialog, select 'Appearance', and specify 'MyDoggy' as the docking framework. Then restart jEdit, and from now on you'll be using MyDoggy as your docking framework - which allows what you asked for, and much more. You may need some patience for learning how to correctly use it. What you're specifically asking for here, is provided by means of "aggregate". When you see multiple windows docked at the same side, right-click the button of the one that is not visible, and select 'aggregate'.

  • T. Kelter

    T. Kelter - 2009-03-13

    That solves the problem. I searched jedit-users before posting here, but I couldn't find a hint. The name MyDoggy is not too intuitive either ;-) Thanks a lot!

  • T. Kelter

    T. Kelter - 2009-03-13
    • status: open --> closed-works-for-me

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