#143 File Browser should show encodings set in recent.xml

Ian Lewis

When right-clicking on a file in the File Browser, the encoding menu should display the encoding that has been saved in the recent.xml file as selected if there is an entry for that file.

Consequently, when opening a file in the file browser, or using file->open, that has an entry in the recent.xml it should be opened with the encoding that is specified in recent.xml. I believe it's intuitive this way since the data is already saved in recent.xml and users will expect that jEdit will open the file in the encoding it was last saved in.

Currently, unless the file is opened from the recent files menu the default encoding is always used (However, unintuitively, caret data that is saved in the recent.xml file is applied to the buffer no matter how the file is opened). With this functionality it is easy to open files in an incorrect encoding. If the user saves the file in an incorrect encoding it can cause corruption of the file.


  • Kazutoshi Satoda

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    This was extracted from the bug #1524181.

    The problem is caused by unclear "current encoding"
    of File System Browser which precedes over the buffer

    Removing this "current encoding" of the File System
    Browser, and replacing [Encoding] menu of a file with
    [Open with encoding ...] menu (which is already
    implemented in ProjectViwer plugin) may be a solution.

  • Kazutoshi Satoda

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    • summary: File Browser should use encodings set in recent.xml --> File Browser should show encodings set in recent.xml
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  • Kazutoshi Satoda

    The problem, that the default encoding is always used, is fixed in

    The fix also changed the default behavior of the encoding menu to show
    no one as selected until user explicitly select one.

    It is not the exact change requested by this item, but I think the
    motivation of this request is almost satisfied by the above fix.

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