#571 autoindenting 'too smart'

severe bug

Here what I want to type in the edit area ([TAB]
denotes TAB key pressing):


the problem is that jedit gets too smart and behaves
that way:

I type 1st line. It's ok. I press ENTER. the carret
gets autoindented and positioned belof "for". I press
[TAB], and want to type "{". But before "{" appears,
jedit moves carret 'one tab' back and places my bracked
below for's "f", which wasn't my intention. Since it
does that every time I put brackets my way, I have to
move cursor back and insert a TAB before opening
bracked. Morever, I had to do the same for closing one,
and that's hell annoying.


  • Slava Pestov

    Slava Pestov - 2001-07-31
    • status: open --> closed
  • Slava Pestov

    Slava Pestov - 2001-07-31

    Logged In: YES

    You can edit the java.xml file and incomment the
    indentOpenBrackets and indentCloseBrackets properties from
    the PROPS section to achieve this behavior. I will make auto
    indent more configurable in the future.


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