#3852 Save As: filename editing bug

minor bug

How to reproduce this bug:
Select Save As
in the Save As dialog select an existing file, so that the file name appears in the filename input box and you can edit it
Edit it by pasting the content of the clipboard with CTRL-V
Press save and a warning dialog warns you that if you save you would overwrite the selected file, even if the input box shows a different name

From what I can see, the problem is that CTRL-V doesn't remove the focus from the selected filename, thing that correctly happens if you edit the filename by manually typing a character.

Windows XP SP2
JEdit 5.1.0
java 1.7.0_25


  • Matthieu Casanova

    Just tried, I selected an existing file.
    It's name appeared in the name field.
    I clicked the name field and pressed Ctrl+V and nothing wrong happend, did i miss something ?

    • terencehill

      terencehill - 2014-03-07

      Try without clicking the name field, click only an existing file

  • terencehill

    terencehill - 2014-03-13

    The name field must be clicked, otherwise you can't type anything

    I tried to start JEdit with a fresh config to make sure it isn't a plugin's fault, but the bug is still there.

    With so much surprise, I found out another way to reproduce the bug: by typing spaces into the name field (in any position); the space key doesn't seem to remove the focus from the selected filename unlike other chars.

  • Petr

    Petr - 2014-03-19


    I tried it on my pc and found the same bug. I would like to try to fix it.

  • Alan Ezust

    Alan Ezust - 2014-05-14

    Does "select an existing file" mean select something in the file entry table view?
    If I click on an existing file in the "table view" part of the FSB, then ctrl+V does nothing. Which is what I expect.

    I don't see this necessarily as a bug. Like kpouer, I think you should need to click in the file input field to give focus to it before ctrl-V will do anything.

    However, I thought I'd test patch #527, which claims to "fix" this, but the bahavior with respect to this bug seems to be the same even after trying the patch.

    • terencehill

      terencehill - 2014-05-27

      Indeed what you described isn't a bug.

      It IS a bug if I fill the file input field by clicking an existing file, click in the file input field to give focus to it, change the name with ctrl-V and saving the file jEdit tells me wrongly I would overwrite an existing file.

      Update: In addition to CTRL-V and SPACE, bug appears deleting chars too with DEL and BACKSPACE keys

      EDIT: added "click in the file input field to give focus to it" to make the comment clearer

      Last edit: terencehill 2014-05-30
  • Alan Ezust

    Alan Ezust - 2014-05-14
    • status: open --> closed-works-for-me

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