#3817 Alt+'f' multiply bound in "Search and Replace" dialog


In version 5.0pre1, alt+f was bound to the filter text box. Now it is bound to the "find" button. However, the "find" button has a binding to "enter". Requesting that alt+f be unbound from the "find" button, as this conflicts with the "fitler" text box alt+f binding.


  • Ross

    Ross - 2013-08-08

    Screenshots of before and after.

  • Alan Ezust

    Alan Ezust - 2013-08-09
    • assigned_to: nobody --> ezust
    • status: open --> closed-fixed
  • Alan Ezust

    Alan Ezust - 2013-08-09

    committed 23105

  • Björn Kautler

    Björn Kautler - 2013-08-27
    • assigned_to: ezust --> vampire0
    • status: closed-fixed --> open
  • Björn Kautler

    Björn Kautler - 2013-08-27

    As discussed on the devel list, removing the whloe mnemonic just because there is a clash in one l10n is not the right way and breaks it for others. Instead a unique mnemonic has to be found or added like for chinese menu mnemonics.

  • Ross

    Ross - 2013-08-27

    I'm sorry, I couldn't find the devel list discussion, (link anyone?)

    However, does the search button need two bindings? If you remove the letter-based hotkey, the search button is still bound to <enter> Don't all keyboards have the <enter> key?


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