#3716 Clipper plugin breaks Undo in jEdit

severe bug

I haven't seen this one anywhere in the open bugs. It does not seem to be "ultimate undo weirdness":


I use jEdit as a preferred editor to edit websites, but some time back (either 4.3.2 was the last that worked, or where it started), it got so all I had to do is open any file, edit it for a while (this varies, 1-20 min.), and without fail, four things would all happen about the same time:

1) undo quits working; generating an error instead
2) jEdit started running a little slow, like it was bogged down
3) adding lines of text in a document did not extend the end of the buffer as far as the scrollbars or cursor was concerned. i.e., saving the document and restarting jEdit would produce the full document, but before doing that, I could not scroll to the end fully.
4) although this may or may not have happened predictably, scrolling off the screen with the cursor would not manage to keep the cursor on the screen. the position of the view of the buffer would remain unchanged. The scrollbar would work normally, and one could find the cursor, but as above, if the size of the file had increased, it was impossible to scroll to see the very bottom.

Closing and reopening jEdit always fixes it - temporarily. This happens on large and on small files. I typically have several tabs open; as well as the Project Viewer. I have disabled as many plugins as I feel comfortable while still keeping the ones I use. Those still enabled were: BufferTabs, Clipper, Common Controls, Error List, JDiff, Project Viewer, SuperAbbrevs, Text Tools & Vox Spell.

This has been happening either since or immediately after 4.3.2, for all the stable distributions. I am currently trying 5.0pre1, which seems to run fine except that it has this problem too. This bug happens on Remix_OS 64-bit Linux (although I couldn't guarantee if it was the Oracle or open source JRE); as well as WinXP Home SP3 32-bit, under both the standard Oracle JRE and my favorite, JRockit. I have an Athlon X2 CPU.

I really like jEdit, and am sorry to lose undo and other sane behavior so frequently. To my taste, it is the best free HTML/PHP editor out there, with the possible exception of gedit, which currently runs very poorly on Windows. Hope this info helps, as it is, to my mind, the biggest bug in jEdit I am aware of.


  • Alan Ezust

    Alan Ezust - 2012-06-25

    please attach an activity log to this ticket, and provide some steps to reproduce your problem.
    Also, if there is an error, you need to attach the full error message/stacktrace.
    This ticket is incomplete.

  • Alan Ezust

    Alan Ezust - 2012-06-25
    • status: open --> pending-invalid
  • Jarek Czekalski

    Jarek Czekalski - 2012-06-25

    Shady, your issues may be connected with very one plugin: Clipper. We don't maintain it anymore. If you browse the bug reports for clipper you'll probably find what exactly is wrong and the suggestion there: use Xinsert instead.

  • The Shady Watcher

    • status: pending-invalid --> open-invalid
  • The Shady Watcher

    It may very well be a clipper problem. I'll try it out, and plan to respond within a day. Thx for suggesting an alternative, too.

    >please attach an activity log to this ticket, and provide some steps to
    >reproduce your problem.

    Those were the steps to reproduce it. It always worked fine right off the bat, but the only way I was able to reproduce the problem was use it for a while. The error report is easily enough found, but if it is a clipper problem, then the point is moot. I'll know about attaching an activity log next time.

  • The Shady Watcher

    • status: open-invalid --> open-works-for-me
  • The Shady Watcher

    OK. I tried XInsert instead of Clipper. I don't see it erroring out on undos anymore. I'll let you know if it resurfaces again. Too bad there's not a way to warn about depricated plugins in the GUI.

    As far as XInsert, it seems to be an adequate substitute for clipper, except I miss the GUI to add new clips, as opposed to finding and editing the XML. I didn't do that very often, in actual practice, however. It also doesn't open up a list or a node, based on the type of file you are editing. Perhaps I'll get around to those feature requests when I have more time. I hope this helps someone else figure out why their undos are crashing.

  • Alan Ezust

    Alan Ezust - 2012-06-26

    ok, so the resolution is not to use clipper plugin.

  • Alan Ezust

    Alan Ezust - 2012-06-26
    • summary: Undo starts erroring out after some use --> Clipper plugin breaks Undo in jEdit
    • status: open-works-for-me --> closed-rejected
  • Alan Ezust

    Alan Ezust - 2012-07-02

    >Too bad there's not a way to warn about depricated plugins in the GUI.

    That is Feature request #2931321 - Disable obsolete plugins
    which will be in the next daily build.


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