#2825 Wrong conversion to UTF-16 (with BOM)


Recently I mentioned, that when changing encoding to UTF-16, then saving file and reopening it a BOM appears at the end of each line (in my case it is FF FE) before \n

This strange behavior appeared in 4.3pre9


  • Kazutoshi Satoda

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    It seems my fault. Sorry.

    But this problem seems to be fixed in r9019 (as a side
    effect of cleaning up the code). Only an entry in
    CHANGES.txt is missing. Should I make a patch to add

    I think selecting UTF16-BE can be a workaround.

  • Vitaliy Ischenko

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    I'm familiar with iconv behavior:
    UTF-16 -- convert string to UTF-16 and add BOM (with default system endianness)
    UTF-16LE -- convert to UTF-16 with little endian byte order (no BOM)
    UTF-16BE -- almost the same

    So my question if why jEdit leaves BOM with UTF-16LE & UTF-16BE?
    P.S. I don't think that it is a bug :)

  • Marcelo Vanzin

    Marcelo Vanzin - 2007-03-05
    • assigned_to: nobody --> vanza
  • Marcelo Vanzin

    Marcelo Vanzin - 2007-03-07

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    The BOM issue is fixed in rev #9092. I checked the original complaint (FFFE appearing at the end of each line) and couldn't see it, so marking as fixed.

  • Marcelo Vanzin

    Marcelo Vanzin - 2007-03-07
    • status: open --> closed-fixed

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